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Specification:Application Method.
1.Special Formulatiion adhesive hot melt glue.
1.1 This special formulation hot melt glue will stick hardly on any kind of bottle surface during heat shrink for the PVC, PET, OPS shrink label in process.
2. Applicator Device
2.1 This applicator device can be installed in any shrink label center/ seaming machine.
3. Apply for the hot melt glue
3.1 The glue will apply on the back side surface of the shrink label approximately thickness 10~ 15 micron before process center sealing.
4. The glue is 100% waste free
4.1 Economies & efficient way to increase yield .Example for the calculation as below :
~ Label size length is 100 mm, special hot melt glue line width is 10 mm.
~ Suppose price of special hot melt glue is USD.6/ Kg.Weight of one glue line = 0.1 m x 0.1 m x 0.00728= USD.0.0000728 per glue line.
4.2 Our formulation hot melt glue is 100% waste free, the rest of hotmelt can be recyled re use it again. If you interesting our product and request for free sample & free technical support please kindly e-mail to : fitjko@ cbn.net.id

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